At Cryosteel, our manufacturing is based on a stringent criteria of quality assurances backed by our AS9100 – Rev D manufacturing license.

This certification reflects our commitment to meeting and exceeding quality requirements in order to produce a superior product that meets the needs and expectation of our customers.

By applying the same systems and criteria currently in effect for JPL Mars Programs and the International Space Station parts to our blades, we are able to provide our customers with a product which far exceeds any quality expectation. Most certainly, like nothing ever attempted before by any competitor.

Our expert quality technicians are trained to operate a wide range of process and quality control equipment, including coordinate measuring machines (CMM), hardness testers, microscopes and a wide range of precision instrumentation.

As an AS9100-D facility, our quality assurance permeates every aspect of what we do. We are continually implementing procedures and processes to achieve ultimate quality while steadily improving all methods of blade manufacturing.