At CRYOSTEEL we believe that the ultimate blade should take advantage of what 21st-century technology can provide.

Our experience stems from over 35 years of excellence in manufacturing of precision components for the aerospace and space exploration industries, serving such projects as three JPL Mars Missions and the International Space Station.

Ultimately it was our LOVE for hockey that made us decide to bring
the edge of technology to the ice and youU.

By combining our state-of-the-art proprietary materials with our superior manufacturing techniques and capabilities, we have produced a blade that provides the most “performance-demanding”, with exceptional edge retention capabilities, incredible flatness, wear resistance and the ultimate hardness.

When you install CRYOSTEEL on your carrier, you will immediately notice that our product is “different” and undoubtedly flatter. That is because all blades are double edge ground to .002 of an inch. That feature alone will make a difference when you sharpen your blades.

Better sharpening equals better glide. When you take it to the ice, it will not take long for you to notice the increased performance of our product.

CRYOSTEEL is without a doubt, the best hockey blade on the market today. It is the pinnacle of achievement in steel technology for the hockey professional and enthusiasts.

We want to take you to THE EDGE OF TECHNOLOGY.
Be prepared to GLIDE like never before!